Indoor Navigation and Tracking

Spotnik presents a unique regional platform enabling indoor location and navigation Apps (powered by Mapsted) for corporates and visitors. NO worries, NO beacons.

We are able to rapidly deliver non-intrusive software-based solutions without the need to install any hardware or beacons at any premises. Solution feaures include:

  • Introducing the most advanced features in accuracy, visualization, usability, security, and accessibility
  • Ready for seamless integration with existing Apps, enterprise solutions, and e-commerce platforms.
  • Includes analytics, heat-maps, real-time view of users, notifications, and work-flow automation based upon accurate positioning
  • Integrated with Digital ID credentials and Happiness index feedback metrics.
  • Ready to be used – as a service – for basic functionalities and way-finding
  • Supported by our services and development capabilities to build B2B and industry related applications
  • Localized in the Middle East regional data-center and local cloud infrastructure
  • Multi-language and segmented usability design
  • Works on Android and iOS platforms
  • Mapsted engine patented technology

Augmented Reality and Sensorial Iot

Spotnik provides business solutions using latest AR techniques and tools for enhancing IoT and digitalization of processes in applicable areas of work.

  • Interactive on-spot manuals and guidance over screens
  • Applications with AR based gamification technics for customer engagement and journeys
  • Simulation of spaces from plot to 3D mapping and environmental design
  • AR and 3D based analytics displays from IoT sensors and Smart buildings metrics by-spot