Location Driven Business Value

Indoor location positioning and tracking of mobile assets and individuals brings endless possibilities for optimization and monetization of operations.

How can your business be more effective knowing the location of your personnel even indoors? How can you monetize the anonymous view of your clients experiencing walk-throughs by your premises?
Our services render co-creation of value with our clients when thinking mobility. Using design thinking methods and tools, we listen and understand carefully our clients’ challenges and needs when facing problems related to the impact of digitalization in their businesses.
Spotnik‘s commitment is to provide value utilizing effective and sustainable solutions, so we conduct detailed assessments on the clients’ premises for designing solutions adaptable in size and reliable in performance.

  • Integration with existing corporate applications and systems
  • Business impact analysis and value obtained from location based and mobility digital processes
  • Technical assessments and recycling of existing infrastructure investments for better performance

Breaking barriers between outdoor GPS location and indoor accurate positioning, Spotnik designs solutions in positioning and navigation without the need for additional infrastructure, no beacons at any premises.

  • We build solutions improving business processes and operational efficiency of mobility at work.
  • We design the applications with customer centric view, so the user experience leads to better engagement, and companies improve their commercial channels obtaining additional revenues from digital-enabled traditional services.
  • We work towards standardization of visuals and data signs for indoor location and guidance as well as for Augmented Reality based signage. This is a Spotnik program aiming to provide UAE with policies and standardization for incoming visual services under supervision and compliance with Smart Dubai and the Dubai Data Establishment.

Digital Adoption & Change

Digital Transformation and disruption impacts every industry. Digital business transformation challenges traditional ways of working and business processes.

More importantly, it drives change between customer and employee interactions. From Spotnik, we bring expertise acquired during the last 15 years working with leading Consulting firms and ITC vendors in adoption of new technologies; from networks to applications, we have experienced and collaborated in the design of change management frameworks.

Spotnik differential approach today presents an agnostic and inquisitive look to the technologies. A human-first thinking on the pace for the deployments, and a pragmatic consultative scope, delivering what it is necessary, elaborating client’s roadmaps for transformation according to real needs and value delivered.

Customer Experience Design

Even if your company is servicing clients through artifical entities, you know it’s still about creating unique experiences for unique individuals.

Customers and employees, business leaders and corporations, we all are people in the search for a better living. Base on this fundamental premise, Spotnik designs Experience journeys from creative frameworks and on-hands work to deliver the best results.

  • Touch-point mapping and omni-channel integrations
  • Creative thinking for new ways of achieving customer satisfaction


Gamification is the application of elements of game playing to other areas of activity to encourage engagement with a product or service.

At Spotnik, we apply the concept of gamification in the field of operations, bringing to your employees and suppliers an environment where the efficiency and performance is rewarded and fairly played for obtaining results promoting loyalty and enthusiasm.

Our team consists of professionals who played a leading role in the entertainment and games industry in the early years of 3D, virtual scenarios and computer-based worlds. Today, we leverage on this expertise tp position

Spotnik as leading company in visualization and realization of immersive experiences and augmented reality techniques

Spotnik works with the most advanced Augmented Reality tools and computer graphic engines, supporting the virtues of high-speed, low latency networks, creating applications and services for the new generation of customers and suppliers, considering the game-like experiences as part of our daily interactions with devices and digital services.