Malls, Exhibitions & Events

Easy and efficient way-finding inside malls, exhibition centers and corporate head-quarters. The Spotnik solution (powered by Mapsted) allows geofencing marketing campaigns, accessibility routes, time to go, intelligent planning of route with multiple points on the way, analytics visuals on users’ patterns, and advanced features for display of mix AR and 2D-3D mapping on application.

Hospitality & Tourism

Spotnik’s solution works at hotel and resorts, airports and train/bus stations providing guidance and way-finding to users and facilitating business processes such click-and-order on-spot, be-my-eyes, localizing points of interests and security hot-spots, and providing operations with additional level of security and control by understanding the location and movement of different levels of personnel or contractors.

Workforce Management

Our solution provides business process integration with common flows for workforce and facility management, allowing personnel to track and trace actions by location, real-time auditing of tasks, integration with phone camera and other features, presenting an innovative and efficient way to use mobility as part of the work processes.

Health Care

Spotnik indoor navigation and business applications bring new interactions between patients and the healthcare system allowing visitors to navigate inside the hospitals through their smartphones, search for points of interest (medic rooms, waiting areas, stores, public transport stops) and get guided routes.

In addition, personnel at hospitals make use of the indoor positioning and real-time tracking for identification of incidents, notifications on alarms, work-flow verification on-spot, and control of the personnel for organizing and planning.