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Meet Spotnik. Co-funded by Mr. Paras (Nikai Group Chairman) and Ricardo Barcena (entrepreneur and consultant in emerging technologies), Spotnik Technologies DMCC born with spirit of disruption and creativity applied to digital transformations.

From innovative solutions in areas such indoor location (powered by Mapsted) and mobility processes, and creative consulting services supporting transformation, Spotnik is a local company in U.A.E. with Global vision and differential approach in the region.

Our capabilities tight with a very selected club of partners, bringing unique technologies and experiences to the market. For example, in the field of indoor location services, knowing that the capability is available since many years, we came to the point when disruption is found on location data point capture and precision WITHOUT BEACONS, bringing cost effective solutions with fast deployments on existing infrastructures. This is thanks to the patented technology featured by Mapsted and integrated in our solutions.

From hospitality, government and public services, telecom service operators, logistics, health-care or education, Spotnik solutions are applicable to those physical environments where the mix of reality on premises such campuses, hospitals, head-quarters, resorts, shopping mall, outlets, or exhibition centers, mixes with digital processes and mobility-based applications including AR and AI.

Covering the gap of precision and efficiency when dealing with indoor location-based processes, Spotnik brings a unique patented technology that allows google-maps-like services indoors, without need of beacon installation, nor even need of connectivity for many indoor location driven use cases such way-finding when using Mapsted engine.

In the field of indoor location and navigation services, most of the technologies you might heard of, carry certain dependencies either from limitation on accuracy demanding beacons to locate coordinates, or associated costs related to complex capturing of data points and hardware-based implementations. Those limitations imply consequences on difficulty to scale, complicated business models, battery consumption, security breaches, supplies, and lack of initiatives for standardization and unified data management over diversity of solutions.

What is the Spotnik differential?

Our solutions are designed over key principles making clear differential in the market;

Smart sense centric by design, meaning making sense of the sensors, connecting data that it is relevant for clients and their customers. Spot on solutions solving problems and creating new opportunities from use cases.

Technical sustainability; avoiding pitfalls in security, privacy, or unnecessary investments in ICT when the existing capabilities of a corporate make possible the introduction of innovative digital processes on the spot by reusability of connections.

Best of breed technologies; in the case of Indoor Location and Navigation, we rely on Mapsted as best tech out there.

How can your company benefit from active indoor location services?

From the basic use case of way-finding on indoor maps (over your premises layouts), to geofencing based process flows, mobile assets management, marketing campaigns, notification based on location, analytics of movements and activations, and the possibility to introduce the real-time location and tracking of personnel as part of the daily duties, planning and optimizing task-force management as if having your own indoor mobility tracking portal.