And we found ourselves in the Mall…

To our network of real estate developers, Mall managers, event managers, marketers, and retailers.

Lots has been said on indoor navigation and way-finding solutions, but much more is going to be said from now. Innovation at its best, Spotnik collaborates with Mapsted for bringing state of the art indoor location and navigation beyond North American borders. No worries, no beacons…

We hear from Mall operators and managers seeking opportunities to maximize revenues, looking for alternatives to control expenses and drive property value. At the same time, they want to ensure enjoyable mall journeys and world-class shopping experiences. On top, operations should provide a safe operating environment to customers, contractors and employees. The answer; a reliable location-based application with zero infrastructure deployment, user friendly and efficient for operations management as well as excellent revenue driver.

Conservative scenario shows +20% ROI year 1. Finally, a solution that does what it is expected by users and venue managers. After years of trials of different technologies and workarounds trying to solve the location issue, here it is. Spotnik have partnered with Mapsted Inc., awarded Canadian start-up, for bringing this fantastic App available for IOS and Android devices that provides real-time location 2-meter accuracy without need of additional infrastructure; no need for beacons, not even need for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi when using the App.

Yes, we got lost in the Mall…

Even though we have tried the kiosks and interactive displays, the digital experience offered by the few available Apps giving Mall map directions still suffer from lack of good usability, accuracy, or better directions than A to B points. On high average, developers and managers are investing on these solutions, finding misused technologies installed for fail, and making big effort to realize the business case where to monetize from the investment on not so delightful experience rendered to visitors.

Well, not anymore.

Now, Malls can delight visitors, maximize revenues, understand property value from user analytics patterns… (not where they are or go, but what they look for, passing by, spend the time in and around…). All that with a simple Smartphone based solution featuring;

  • Ready to use App without need of any IT or Hardware installations.
  • Navigation based on real location, not only A to B, but automated location detection to direct multiple points on map.
  • Indoor-outdoor Location and Navigation even without connectivity. No need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on. No battery drainage.
  • Contextual real-time notifications. Geo-marketing to next level.

From the user experience perspective, visitors can search over the listing of outlets alphabetically or by topic, filter by different categories, points of interest such restrooms, elevators, praying-rooms, restaurants, sport shops, emergency exits…all customizable.

Holy-mally it works!

Once the search is done, turn by turn ready for stroll. User can plan the route, navigate in order or by shortest distance the itinerary. In case of special needs, the application includes filter accessible routes, show elevators, escalators or stairs, and presents voice guided directions and multi-language support. Users can contribute to improve the referenced venue reporting changes or vacant stores. From the map display, click on store info shows details and promotions, giving space to mall managers to activate sponsorships, and the application notifies users when passing by certain location on nearby commercial actions.

Hassle free go-to-market and operations

Mall managers and developers only need to provide floor-maps and directory listings of the premises for the Application to be ready in days. Our implementation method presents a 5-day processing time for the floor-plans, 2 days for calibration on-site of the premises as one-time effort, and the publication on the App few days later after testing. This means, super-fast results and immediate answers with zero IT intervention.

The basic business case shows clear ROI year 1. Having outlined the implications of the operation needs and low effort for implementation, no hardware supply, no IT installations, the solution presents attractive pricing models. For those Malls with considerable size (let’s say 200,000 SQM) usually hosting hundreds of outlet tenants, we estimate that 20% uptake of tenants can cover costs signing for monthly services at very accessible subscription model. No need to say, for the visitor App is totally free.

The value-added for your business

Spotnik solution provides a delightful experience for shoppers, they won’t get lost anymore. In addition, marketers can target better their customer at the right time and place, manage content and promotions, include dynamic media maps, and play with loyalty programs and scavenger type of games.

Resulting on the analytics and data gathered by the application, Mall insights dashboard for operations provides property value indicators and customer value index based on patterns of usage, search, location, and traffic heat-maps.

The ultimate value added is the possibility to track and trace specific users (contractors, staffing) for controlling real-time operations and task force on site, and permissioned or consented user journeys with anonymized personal data. This opens unlimited possibilities for operations planning, security notifications, re-direction of pre-defined routes and many other actions.

What we love about it

Spotnik solution (powered by Mapsted) introduces many features used commonly in outdoor navigation maps applications, making user experience feel like standardized, presenting multiple journey planning and itineraries, classifying the points of interest, filtering accessibility options, and personalizing geo-marketing promotions.

In addition, it is a cost-effective solution, easy to deploy, with ultra-fast time to market, and somehow digitally sustainable, as it recycles existing connectivity signals, leverage on smartphone sensors, and re-utilizes magnetic noise across premises to determine a probabilistic framework making the magic sauce with unique and patented algorithms.

This time yes, a solution for finding yourself in the Mall without need to memorize it.

As we like it, humanity compliant digital solution making the most of technology with truly user-centric focus. Contact Spotnik (  if you want to try it at your venue, otherwise you can experience it at soon-to-announce locations nearby.